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You depend on your appliances for day to day living. So when something breaks down, it's more than just a minor inconvenience: it disrupts your daily living. Appliance Repair Guys is an appliance repair service that knows how important it is to you to keep your appliances in working order.

Appliances assist us with so many important functions as we progress throughout our day: washing, heating, cooking, refrigerating, and the list goes on. At Appliance Repair Guys we specialize in ensuring that these conveniences remain available to you by repairing your appliances when you need them most. In particular, we provide service within Waterloo, Kitchener, Cambridge and Guelph.

Our experience spans many years and across countless appliances and brands. No matter the in-home appliance, model or make, our skilled technicians will get the job done. Our technicians are experienced, professional, courteous, time-efficient, punctual and reliable. Most importantly, they are excited to serve you!

As a testament to our professionalism, Appliance Repair Guys will provide you with a quotation for the repair service needed, and diagnose the problem you are experiencing. There are no hidden fees and you agree to our reasonable prices before we get started. Moreover, in the event that the repair takes longer than anticipated, there are no additional labor charges!

Service Areas

We Service the following cities in Cambridge, Kitchener, Guelph and Waterloo:

(519) 569-9494
(519) 827-1188
(519) 827-1188
(519) 827-1188
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1(866) 827-0020

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